Gender Equality Now !

Pendant 3 jours Poster for tomorrow investissait les Arts décoratifs à Paris pour présenter les 100 meilleures affiches issues du concours international d’affiches sur des thèmes liés aux droits de l’homme et aux libertés fondamentales. En 2012, c’est le thème de l’égalité hommes/femmes qui est choisi et parrainé par Irina Bokova, Directrice Générale de l’UNESCO et Michelle Bachelet, ancienne Présidente de la République du Chili, Directrice exécutive de … Continuer de lire Gender Equality Now !

First International Day of the Girl: October 11th 2012

Today is the 1st International Day of the Girl!! To mark the first celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October 2012, Executive Director Michelle Bachelet speaks to girls around the world and emphasizes UN Women’s commitment to stand beside them in support of their rights. She pledges that UN Women will work with governments and other partners to advance girls’ … Continuer de lire First International Day of the Girl: October 11th 2012

International Women’s Day dedicated to Women of « Arab Spring »!

Today is International Women’s Day!  Is it really supposed to be a celebration? Or should we be appalled that there is still a special day to fight for equality between genders and women’s rights around the world?! Whether we are for or we are against a day dedicated to women, it is still an occasion to look at the great achievements that accomplish women around … Continuer de lire International Women’s Day dedicated to Women of « Arab Spring »!

United Nations for Women

Highly interested in the condition and position of women all over the world at the global, regional and local levels, I have decided to create a blog dedicated to women. I look forward to learning more about the rights and priorities of the world’s women. Nowadays, many organizations already exist to fight for women’s rights; unfortunately these international organizations seem to be insignificant in some … Continuer de lire United Nations for Women