Gender Equality ensures Social Security

The World would be better if gender equality was ensured everywhere as much in the Western society as in the developing and poor countries. Despite many international agreements and efforts of UN, Human Rights Watch and different social organizations, too many women around the world have still no access to education and security. They also have less access than men to health care, work, politics, etc. … Continuer de lire Gender Equality ensures Social Security

Women’s Rights country by country

This is a very interesting article about women’s rights across the globe from The Guardian that I wanted to share on my page. You can have a look at the situation of almost any country you want to learn about. I will take today the example of Argentina. This Latin country has a developing economy, and is also a emerging market. Argentina has laws preventing … Continuer de lire Women’s Rights country by country

Gender Equality Now !

Pendant 3 jours Poster for tomorrow investissait les Arts décoratifs à Paris pour présenter les 100 meilleures affiches issues du concours international d’affiches sur des thèmes liés aux droits de l’homme et aux libertés fondamentales. En 2012, c’est le thème de l’égalité hommes/femmes qui est choisi et parrainé par Irina Bokova, Directrice Générale de l’UNESCO et Michelle Bachelet, ancienne Présidente de la République du Chili, Directrice exécutive de … Continuer de lire Gender Equality Now !