Nightmare for Egyptian women !

Egyptian women have been living in a nightmare since Arab Spring, their conditions are getting worst and the new constitution does not talk about women’s rights and gender equality. They have lost the very few rights they had during Hosni Mubārak government. For a week, Egypt is waking up against Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, ! And women have been part of this protest but they paid … Continuer de lire Nightmare for Egyptian women !

Nude Aliaa Elmahdy, symbol of free Egyptian women?

« This is not a free society if a woman cannot walk down the street without fear of being harassed, attacked, or even molested. », says Jumanah Younis for the Guardian Egypt’s revolution means nothing if its women are not free. Lately we have been talking a lot through Egyptian Revolution of conditions of women and more especially female journalists working in Egypt: the lack of respect towards them, … Continuer de lire Nude Aliaa Elmahdy, symbol of free Egyptian women?