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  1. I have sent an email and also reminder for you & in which requested you to come forward for the greater interested of seriously tortured and raped women by so-called Pakistan Army & their associates in the year 1971 (Liberation year).
    Till today no political & non-political government enlisted & recorded them as freedom fighter for their contribution, not shown any interest for their survival, not declare and honor them as freedom fighter, none issued any financial benefit in-favor of them. Such type of so many of women through out the country are till crying and submitting their appeal to general masses in the year 2011 also. Those were and are in government they have no contribution in the liberation war and it is absolutely truth.
    I wrote government not to mark them as BIRONGANA instead of SHAHOSI MOTHER & SISTER and always address them SHAHOSHI MOTHER AND SHAHOSHI SISTER .
    Please extend your activities up to Bangladesh without any delay. I am writing / fighting alone and always submitting appeals impartially as only the successor of the first freedom fighter « BIR PROTHOM » . I am also neglected, unlisted & completely deprived as because I am innocent, non-political. sincere and honest.
    Please come forward for a meaningful result and through your full cooperation and assistance I shall be succeed.
    sincerely yours
    Golam Mohiuddin
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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