My name is Lauren Herbert, I am French and I grew up in a very « globe trotter » family. I had the chance to live in different countries with people from very different places and I have always been very interested in the condition and position of women all over the world at the global, regional and local levels. In January 2011, I decided to create Women around the World blog to talk about the rights and priorities of the world’s women. I do think that everyone (even at very small levels) in all societies can contribute to the elimination of discrimination against women and girls, to the empowerment of women or to the achievement of equality between women and men.

I am curious of everything so please if you have anything to teach me, to say, feel free to contact me or comment any of the articles.

Have a nice day,



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  1. Indeed, its very broad topic to talk about women of the world but its fascinating to note your keen observation of whats happening in Saudi Arabia, women in particular.
    I have been in this country for 24 yrs, yes, changes are too slow but it will come, Women are working now in public like some places in the department store as cashier and saleswoman.Though they still maintain their »abayah » its a big leap than what was then.
    I am also new to blogging but my interest revolves around Filipina women, working or not their struggle and triumph in KSA, Jeddah in particular, www. jamilamimi.wordpress.com.
    Keep your passion and keep posting. Wish you good luck!


  2. Hi Jamila, thanks for your interest in my blog and glad you enjoy it. I have just started as well so I have not written many articles yet. However I have already got so many ideas in mind and I look forward to expressing them. So I will definitely keep posting.
    Kind regards,
    Lauren 🙂


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