Unusual graduation ceremony (but not that unsusual for Saudi Arabia)

Graduation ceremony of 52 female doctors in Saudi Arabia

Photo of a graduation ceremony of 52 female doctors in Saudi Arabia, taken from Twitter @Saudiwoman. In my opinion, this picture is scary ! I suppose that most of them will probably choose another way of dressing if they could but I want to show through this picture the paradox of Saudi society ! Intelligent and probably ambitious women full of dreams but stuck in a society that is not going forward quickly enough ! If people (and I mean men) in Saudi society do not give the chance to these educated women to do something of their lives, then Education is a dead-end street…

Will these women work in Saudi Arabia ? Or will these talented people who could make their country advance have to run away to be able to work ?

I want to tell these women: Be proud of who you are, of what you do, and of what you are fighting for ! It’s such a pity that we cannot even see the pride in your eyes and the smile on your face ladies !

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