I don’t understand! Saudi Arabian Women’s Conference without any women!

I have already written a few articles about women in Saudi Arabia, how the society works out according to the very strong importance of Islam and to the very deep traditions. As an Occidental woman, it is very hard to understand that women live this way in Saudi Arabia : no permission of driving, no permission of acting by themselves, no permission of going out (especially included going overseas) without being accompanied by a male relative. 

How come such a rich country by their raw materials and history can be so archaic by treating its women ?! I feel so dismayed to see that !

Last year, there was a conference about Saudi Arabian Women held at the University of Qassim, and guess what ? All the participants and speakers were men! The picture below features all men in traditional headscarves and white thobes (only one single Westerner is in the place).

Capture d’écran 2013-06-29 à 12.16.44

How absurd is it! Women have had the right to vote since 2011 in Saudi Arabia, then I do not understand why they cannot give their opinions talk about their wishes in Saudi Arabia society at this conference.  It is absurd and hypocrite !

I have friends in the Middle East who keep telling me that Saudi Arabia can change but it needs time! How long ? The country is killing its women! There are so much power, ideas and creativity inside all these women! 

Source : Saudi Arabia Women’s Conference… with not a female in sight, Huffigton Post

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