Saudi Arabia launches first campaign against violence towards women !

I have already written a few articles about Saudi Arabia, and today I am sharing with you the first anti-domestic violence ad ever in this country governed by Sharia Law. It is a real important step forward for the protection of women in Saudi Arabia. Let’s hope that it is only a start.

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The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia has launched its first campaign against violence towards women. A simple advertisement : a woman wearing the hijab, we only see her eyes, one is blackened  and bloody. The slogan is direct: “Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together.” 

Backed by the King Khalid Charitable Foundation, he explains on his website that  » The phenomenon of battered women in Saudi Arabia is much greater than is apparent on the surface. It is a phenomenon found in the dark. We want to achieve justice for all women and children exposed to abuse in all parts of the Kingdom. » This first advert must encourage first of all Saudis to report cases of violences in Saudi Arabia. 

It’s a real progress in a country where women are almost non-existent as they cannot do anything without the permission of a male relative because of Sharia law.

« The King Khalid Foundation is also working on further projects to reduce victimisation, effectively dealing with violence and abuse in order to provide further legal protection for women and children. Last Year, the Foundation also held programmes and training for women, which focussed on empowerment, management and active participation in development. » (Source : Blessed Islam)

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Report in 2012 ranked Saudi Arabia 131st out of 134 countries for gender equality. So there are still a lot of work to undertake. But we all hope that this campaign will start to smooth the mindset for positive change. 

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